Major Online Sports Betting Tournament Players


“The Contrarian Strategy” or the Contrary Strategy

This is another common strategy that has proven itself and is frequently used by major Online sports betting tournament players. As its name suggests, we are here with a strategy that is to bet the opposite of what will bet your opponents. You are at the table, facing opponents who tend to bet big, so this strategy will encourage you to play very cautiously and measured, with small bets. On the other hand, you will be more likely to take bigger risks and bet more aggressively against competitors on the defensive.

This is a strategy that may seem crazy and that is not demonstrated mathematically, but that many followers. Her followers defend her by saying that she will make you either win more or lose less than your opponents. It’s up to you to see for yourself by testing in the short term for example at a future blackjack tournament.

Elimination Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack elimination tournaments are an entirely different exercise from a classic game that some regulars, who may consider themselves blackjack experts for a long time already, can easily find themselves destabilized and quickly ejected from the game. These tournaments have indeed a number of rules and strategies that you must perfectly control if you want to try your luck to stay as far as possible.

The important point to take into account will then be the element that will be the most radically new here that you have to face. It is simply hands called “eliminatory hands”. The elimination hands play out regularly during an elimination blackjack tournament, for example in hands 8, 16, 25 out of a total of 30 hands, showing here a fairly common and frequent configuration.

Their function remains the same, whatever the moment when these qualifying hands appear: eliminate the player with the lowest number of chips at the end of this hand. He is simply ousted from the game, just as if the number of his chips is insufficient to place the minimum bet. But if you thought that this condition was already pretty cruel, wait until you know that there is also a second innovative rule in elimination blackjack tournaments. This is the stressful introduction of a time limit when it comes to making a decision. Indeed, if you usually have up to 25 seconds to shoot, split, double or give up in a game with a “normal” hand, then know that during a hand elimination.

Suffice to say that this rule is there for one thing: that of increasing the pressure and the rhythm until one of the players cracks and leaves the table. And it is with this kind of detail that you realize if you are not the kind of person to hold the shock in a tournament of blackjack, which is not necessarily adapted to all the styles of players of traditional blackjack . It will therefore be more advisable for those who prefer to enjoy a quieter game and experience a slower and more thoughtful game, avoid blackjack elimination and stick to traditional Online sports betting.

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