Things To Do And Avoid With Gambling


It may be that you have become overnight, the lucky winner of a nice amount of money at a gambling game, whether in a land-based casino or an online casino. We’re going to show you some tips on things to do if you’re in this situation and you’ve won for example a progressive jackpot on a slot machine like the one found on Casino 777. ¬†Finished 1st at an international tournament of poker or the last draw of the Euro Millions. We all have the reflex to say that the winners will never really have to worry about their finances for a very long time once the winnings but we’re wrong.

Money calls the vultures

As a potato could attract processed cheese in a squeegee, the money itself often attracts very bad people to be wary of. If good planned financial management will allow you and your heirs to live comfortably for many years, it will be important to remember that everything will only depend on the amount of gain you are going to make.

Once you have recovered a very large gain, you will have many new friends who will come to your doorbell, old acquaintances who will renew contact with you a whole horde of vultures that will fall on you for claim your share of the pie and this is where you will really discover who your loved ones really are. If you do not have solid management experience at this time, you could easily reveal yourself as your worst enemy. You risk to quickly squander your fortune, and that without even realizing it.

A signature to protect your gain

For our second tip, we offer a tip that few people know and yet it is a very good practice to secure his win before pocketing. Indeed, if your win is in the form of a ticket like that of a national or international lottery, the first step that you must respect from the start is to sign the winning ticket.

Be sure to sign the same autograph that you have on your identity card, because a lottery ticket is a kind of bearer title. This means that whoever signs the ticket and presents a piece of identification can claim his winnings. If you have not signed the ticket and you lose it, then you will only have your eyes to cry, because you will not have any way to recover your due.

You must remain anonymous

The first thing you should not do is avoid posting a message on social networks like Facebook or Twitter to proudly announce your plan to disappear from circulation after a big win. Very voracious and unprincipled people will be ready for anything, until you hunt down the end of the world to try to extirpate money.  

And it can happen very quickly if you do not remain anonymous, because the people around you know that you are suddenly rich, you will be harassed by requests for association or friends who have not seen for a long time and sellers of all kinds. Not to mention that you will also attract the so-called “financial experts”.

These are even more dangerous because they make their scam their main business by coming to you to sell their products, without putting in place any real coherent investment strategy. If you can, stay anonymous to avoid as much as possible all these problems that could be associated with interference.